"Christopher Egan fine art photography, by Art Visions Hawaii "


Born in 1964 in southern California, Christopher Egan is one of America’s most outstanding nature photographers. Chris has been creating extraordinary fine art photographs since the age of eighteen, when he got his first 35mm camera and has spent many years refining his natural artistic abilities and technical skills. Early on in his artistic career Chris also broadened his scope as an artist by representing many famous artists and working closely with clients to further develop an understanding of what beauty means to a variety of people.

In search of nature at its most beautiful and bountiful, Chris toured the globe, finding his spiritual home on Maui in 1991, where he currently lives with his beautiful wife Robyn and their two children. Chris is passionate about capturing the raw essence of nature in its full range of expressions – from tranquil to raging. His mission is to capture the flawless image, whether it is on land or in water, in distant lands or in his own backyard, beautiful Maui. Although Chris has reverence for all of nature, his favorite images to shoot include trees, the ocean and landscapes. Growing up in the water surfing, fishing and diving, Chris is naturally drawn to the water for his inspiration. When the surf is pounding from a large ocean swell, Chris loves to get in the water to experience and capture that pure energy from Mother Nature. However, he is also enthralled by the softer side of nature and is able to reveal this beauty through his commitment to drive any distance to find the most tranquil locations and wait for hours if necessary, for the miraculous convergence of magical lighting upon natures silhouettes. His subject matter ranges from the delicate translucency of a tiny dewdrop, to the breathtaking, sweeping panorama of a lush tropical valley or the magnificent and powerful surf. Chris says, “The Islands are so full of life and beauty; I like to capture Maui in its perfect moment for all to enjoy”

Ever since Chris arrived on Maui, he has owned and operated fine art galleries and represented many of the world’s most famous artists. Chris has been in the fine art business for over twenty years. In 2004 Chris established Art Visions Inc. a corporation formerly known as Lassen Galleries Hawaii. Since then, He decided to move on and feature his own works or art with Christopher Egan Galleries. His beautiful fine art galleries currently showcase world renowned artists including, Thomas Barbey fine art, Joseph Quillan, Dino Rosin, Christopher Ries, Jack Storms, Patrick Parker, Evan Jenkins and supplies priceless works of art to many famous collectors worldwide.

Chris opened his first fine art photography gallery in 2005 in Lahaina, Maui. His second Gallery is brilliantly showcased in the lobby of the Grand Wailea Resort in Wailea, Hawaii. He has plans to expand his galleries across the islands, to the mainland and internationally. Currently you can find Chris in his galleries or actively on the road searching for that next perfect photograph.